Rainy Day Thoughts

Rainy Day Thoughts:

On days like this, you always cross my mind and I’d swear I hear your voice in the winds…
Far off and sailing on some fast moving whisper stream,
Asking if I still think of you… at all… ever.
If it should mean anything to you the answer is,
Yes I do…

Though I wish for you only the best in your life as it is now…
I find myself wondering what my and our lives would have been like
If I’d not chosen the path I did.

But there were reasons,
Plenty of them.
On both sides.

And blame,
More than enough to go around.
On both sides.

Even if I admit that I was wrong to walk away from you,
As on rainy days like today, I most certainly have to,
I still wonder if we’d have made it.

But, Lord, looking back on it now,
How I wish we would have had the chance to find out.

I am acutely aware that my actions made that impossible.

Still, with the rain slapping hard against me,
And as your voice, riding on the winds, fades into the distance…

I send up a plea.
A prayer.
A sacred and most fervent hope.

It is quite simply,
That on at least some rainy days.
You just might remember me also.

And perhaps hearing my voice
On those same winds as they find you,
That you might forgive me…

copyright 2012

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